This story isn’t real. I extrapolate a current trend, and then image what the news would have to say 10-20 years from now.

Guangzhou, 20th of July 2023

The hacker group known as the Shadow Collective have released their latest art project, Shadowbook. It is a browseable database, reachable through Tor only, which connects up all major database leaks to date. The project includes the multi-petabyte 2022 leak from

The project doesn’t filter the private messages of 3.4 billion people included in the 2022 leak, and connects all other online accounts from major leaks to date with some high-confidence neural nets.

The release caused an outcry of privacy campaigners and politicians from all parties. It is rumored that president Clinton has asked cyber command to take down the project, but apperently without success so far.

The leak, despite being only one day old, has already started change the political landscape irrevocably in many countries, exposing corruption, infidelity, blasphemy and political dissidents.