This story isn’t real. I extrapolate a current trend, and then image what the news would have to say 10-20 years from now.


Edit 28/11/2016: I just read the 2nd book of the Three Body Problem which contains an identical idea. I did come up with this myself, it’s funny how that works sometimes.

Paris, 20th of July 2031

The investigation into the death of 王芳 (Wang Fang) has concluded that she was assassinated by an unknown actor. Her sudden and unexpected death from flu complications put and end to peace talks between New India and The Indian Republic as neither side could agree on a new negotiator they trusted.

The independent team of investigators identified a strain of H1N1 that was coded specifically to Wang Fang, and increased the rate of cell death for healthy cells.

The sophistication of the attack which required access to her genetic material and an opportunity to infect her points to a state actor. This opinion is not shared universally. Several scientists pointed out that the tools to build the virus can be readily purchased on the internet, and that the infection opportunity can be several degrees away because the virus manifests itself as a mild flu in people who don’t share Wang Fang’s genetic code.